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I'm a 19 year old Canadian whooty. I'm a really big nerd and I love comics, movies and gaming. I'm in film school full-time and aspire to be a famous filmmaker! I use the money I make online to pay for school and camera equipment, nothing extravagent!
I've always had a really big ass but I'm just learning to really move it recently. I'm no professional but I'm learning quickly. If you love whooty, you'll really love me :) The All-Canadian Whooty!!

I'll be updating my page about 3-5 times a week (usually about new 10 videos a week!) with all kinds of things like costumes, oil, every different kind of panties, shower shaking, and MUCH more. I'm very original and you won't want to miss all the crazy things I come up with!

I love being spoiled and LOVE spoiling you back. If you feel very generous and want a free custom video, you can buy me something off my Amazon wishlist. I always spoil my most generous friends with lots and lots of whooty love.

I love doing custom videos, shoot me an email at to discuss it :)

You can also find me at:

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at the dungeon shakin it :) playing with ice damn my ass is fat! i wanna be a stripper... striped panties :) grey leopard panties cum to the darkside worship me while i get off feeling silly how this dirty girl gets clean maid to order topless with blue panties black cardigan, black panties nice n slow i'm a nerd geeked out ahoy mate! got ass? gspot play 2nd booty shake got 2 new toys in the mail... what they gon' do? bounce it up (girl next door version) put it in the air schoolgirl gotta shake it werk it shawty you never had that white girl pussy? werkin' it!!! anal love 3 black silk pj's get that shit :)